ABB Solutions


What unites us not only at work

ABB Solutions Slovakia is a team of more than 100 people, mainly based in Košice, but we also have employees all over Slovakia, and soon in other surrounding countries. We provide cutting-edge IT and administrative services to clients in over 2,000 cities in the US. The desire to move forward, the courage to face new challenges, and a friendly company atmosphere create an environment that brings satisfaction not only to our clients, but also to all members of our teams. We are represented by the following values.

One team, one work, great teamwork

We learn a lot from each other and we can always count on helping each other. We are strong as one team and we help each team member in.

Continuous improvement

We are passionate about improving our processes, business and product. It’s part of our DNA and the constant improvement is our day to day work-style.

Product and clients come first

We are proud of our product, we created our product from scratch and since then we know it's never done. We always strive to improve it while listening to the needs of our clients and bring the innovation in the reasonably good time, so the clients are happy and the product is improving.

Friendly and family feeling work environment

We create a company culture that builds a friendly and family feeling at work as well as behind it. We intend to keep our offices cozy, comfortable and we take care of them as if they were our homes. On the other hand we value work from home equally.